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Við eigum Stalon W110 til með gengjum 5/8-24 og fyrir max 6mm cal

The Stalon W110 silencer is the new generation in silencers. Its lighter weight, reduced noise and short weapon extension make the silencer unique, regardless what kind of hunting you pursue.

The W110 presents an exceptional combination of low weight (380 g) and short extension (110 mm), bringing an optimal feel and balance to the weapon.

The Stalon W110 is our best-seller and is made in calibres between .22 and .45.  This silencer’s full potential, however, is best exploited in calibres between .308 and 8 mm, making it an excellent match for our most common calibre, 30-06.

The silencer is reflex in type, which means that 130 mm of the silencer sits back over the barrel, with the remaining 110 mm extending forward. The rear part of the silencer is enclosed, meaning that the barrel never comes into contact with propellant gases.

The Stalon W110 is designed to work on barrels with an outer diameter of 13-23 mm without requiring any special adaptation. Fluted or angular barrels are no problem, thanks to the enclosed rear chamber.

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