Framśrskarandi og traust fjölskyldufyrirtęki ķ 20 įr

TFO NXT fluguveiðipakki

Temple Fork Outfitters einhenda í fjórum hlutum.  NXT fylgir ásamt áspólaðri flotlínu.  Hólkur fylgir.  Fáanlegt í silungsveiði og laxveiði.



NXT kits are what the beginning fly caster should demand from the industry. These high-performance fly rods will flatten the learning curve, making it easier and more rewarding to become an active participant in this sport of a lifetime. Now the industry standard, our NXT rods are medium fast with plenty of forgiveness for delicate presentations and cushioning light leaders, but load up easily for longer casts into the wind.

The rods are a handsome forest green with a composite cork handle for extreme durability. Aluminum oxide stripping guides, chromium-impregnated stainless steel snake guides, and an anodized aluminum reel seat make the NXT family of rods ideal for chasing fish in fresh or saltwater. NXT kits make great gifts for the aspiring fly fisherman and are superb back-up rods for the angler who has everything. Kits include a matching NXT LA I or II reel loaded with weight forward floating line, backing and leader – all in a handsome rod and reel travel case.

4-5W 8,6 fet
29.995.- kr.
5-6W 9 fet
29.995.- kr.
8-9W 9 fet
29.995.- kr.
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