Mackenzie DTX FX1

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The FX1 Graphene uses F1 and Aerospace technology to help produce the Ultimate Fly Rod. The Mackenzie FX1 is the first double-handed salmon rod to use graphene, a Nobel Prize winning material that is set to revolutionise carbon-composite engineering.

We’ve taken the best of our rod design experience along with the expertise of Professor Gary Savage who was a former Formula One World Team Champion and one of the world’s leading experts in carbon and composites. This combination of world leading knowledge in carbon composite technology along with our rod design experience has built what we believe to be the best fly rod ever made.

This improvement has resulted in greater performance, by strengthening the blank and speeding up its recovery. This rod will give the angler the ability to cast the same distance as before with less effort, however when more distance is needed there is a reserve of power available which will require minimal extra effort to achieve.

  • Uses F1 & Aerospace Technology
  • Nobel Prize Winning Material
  • Double Handed 4 & 6 Piece Rods
  • Single Handed & Switch Rods


The 13ft rod is a popular size of rod, which can be used on small rivers for salmon, or on the bigger rivers in low water conditions. This size of rod is also popular for sea trout fishing in Tierra Del Fuego. It has a fairly through progressive action, with a relatively fast recovery. The balanced action of the FX1 rod will cast Spey lines and modern Skagit styles and shooting head systems equally well. This rod has a uniquely designed taper and action, designed for accurate Spey casting.

– Rod weight – 232 grams
– 4 piece / 104 cm sections / 110 cm tube
– Line weight:


This size of rod is becoming increasingly popular as a good all rounder.  It has a fairly deep progressive action with a fast recovery, giving you a rod that has a beautiful casting action, with a reserve of power if needed. The balanced action of the FX1 rod will cast Spey line and modern Skagit styles and Shooting head systems equally well. It has a uniquely designed taper and action, designed for accurate Spey casting.

– Rod weight – 293 grams
– 4 piece / 112 cm sections / 118 cm tube
– Line weight:  


The 15ft rod is the most popular size of rod and it is considered the best all round size of rod that will work well with most fishing situations.This rod loads deeper than the original DTX model, this allows the caster to feel the rod load and unload better.  It allows the caster more time to achieve more consistent accurate casting. The rod has a fast recovery giving you perfect balance of feeling and power, which loads the rod well for floating line work, but it has a definite reserve of power for achieving distance or sunk line work when required.

The balanced action of the FX1 rods will cast Spey lines as well as modern day Skagit style and  Shooting head system equally as well.  It has a unique designed taper and action, designed for accurate Spey casting.

– Rod weight – 310 grams
– 4 piece / 120 cm sections / 127 cm tube
– Line weight: