Sage Pulse Spey/Switch

129.900 kr.139.900 kr.

Að okkar mati er SAGE PULSE einhver bestu kaup í flokki vandaðra, handgerðra flugustanga í dag. Kraftmikil og hröð stöng í fjórum hlutum. Fallega grænlökkuð flugustöng í klæddum hólki með renndu loki.
SAGE PULSE er handgerð flugustöng á Bainbridge eyju fyrir utan Seattle í Bandaríkjunum.

711’4”159 gSwitch
811’4”166 gSwitch
713’0”210 gTvíhendur
813’6”234 gTvíhendur

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The Two-Handed PULSE rods are built with our Graphite IIIe technology to ensure power and durability, combined with a taper that provides fast action performance with a connected feel. Handcrafted right here on Bainbridge Island and finished with custom-designed componentry and eye-catching cosmetic details, the PULSE family range offers wide grain/head length windows to accommodate multiple two-handed techniques.

  • Graphite IIIe Technology
  • Lichen blank color
  • Olive primary thread wraps with Black trim wraps
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Gloss Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
  • Cork fore grip and rear grip
  • Black nylon rod tube with divided liner


Scandi to Skagit, traditionals to intruders, the PULSE SPEY is designed to deliver your favorite swing setup, no matter what it may be. From Summer Steelhead with the 6126-4 to big Winter Runs with the 8136-4, the PULSE SPEY has the right tool to handle your favorite swing water, however you want to tackle it.



Skagit to Scandi heads, floating to T-20 tips, the fast action of the PULSE is built to cover a wide range of grains, accommodating just about any setup within a rod weights application. Perfect for multiple passes through runs with a variety of different line/tip combinations, helping you cover the entire water column with ease.


Konnetic Technology’s highly responsive and robust blanks provide the SONIC Spey a connected feel, offering significantly enhanced torsional stability and minimal vibration for casts that track effortlessly and accurately. The perfect combination for long days of cast, swing, step, repeat.



Improved accuracy is a result of smoother tracking and increased line speed and line control… all features of Sage’s revolutionary Konnetic Technology®. Creating an impossibly light blank with enhanced hand-to-fly sensitivity, Konnetic Technology utilizes advanced modulus positioning that places carbon fibers to exacting tolerances. This creates slimmer blank profiles with unparalleled strength and efficient energy transfer throughout the shaft. Konnetic Technology’s highly responsive and robust blanks feel connected, offering significantly enhanced torsional stability and minimal vibration for casts that track effortlessly and accurately.