Sage Spectrum Max

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Eitt besta hjólið frá SAGE.

Hjólið er rennt úr 6061-T6 áli og er búið hinu mjúka og áreiðanlega SCS bremsukerfi. Stilliskífan er stór og númeruð frá 1 upp í 20. SAGE SPECTRUM MAX er fáanlegt í fimm stærðum og fjórum litum.

Þetta hjól höfum við notað við að þreyta 100 punda seglfiska og marga stóra Giant Trevally án nokkurra vandamála. Hjól sem vinna vel á þvílíkum sprettfiskum af stærri gerðinni ráða við allt sem við þekkjum hér á norðurslóðum.
-María og Óli

Stærð Lína Þyngd Baklína
Spectrum Max 5 / 6  5 – 6 154 g 180 m
Spectrum Max 6 / 7  6 – 7 159 g 180 m
Spectrum Max 7 / 8  7 – 8 210 g 180 m
Spectrum Max 9 / 10  9 – 10 238 g 180 m
Spectrum Max 11 / 12  11 – 12 262 g 260 m
  • Þessi vara er væntanleg í nýja netverslun Veiðihornsins. Fáðu frekari upplýsingar hjá okkur í síma 568 8410.
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Multi-purpose reels built to cover the entire range of fly fishing applications from Brook trout to Tarpon. Every reel utilizes Sage’s exclusive SCS Drag package tuned per size to match fishing application. One revolution drag knob featured throughout the series allows for ease of adjustment and reliable, consistent, repeatable drag pressure. Just select desired weight and feature set for your application.

The SPECTRUM MAX is fully machined with cold forged, tempered 6061-T6 aluminum, housing our proven Sealed Carbon System (SCS) Drag. The MAX features a super rigid frame-to-spool connection, a widened palming rim, a large/vented arbor for high retrieve rate, and our One Revolution Drag Knob with 40 detented drag settings for adjustable and repeatable drag resolution. Finished with our Core Collection’s unique porting pattern and spoke aesthetic, the MAX will be your go-to reel for the full range of heavy duty fishing scenarios.

  • SCS Drag
  • One Revolution Drag Knob with 20 numbers and 40 detented settings
  • Large arbor for fast line pick-up
  • Concave, ported arbor for greater strength and capacity
  • Fully machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum
  • Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity
  • Hard anodized for surface protection and corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Quick-change spool mechanism
  • Easy conversion from left- to right-hand retrieve
  • Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case
  • Colors: Stealth, Silver, „SALT HD“ Squid Ink, „IGNITER“ Chipotle


With its smooth engagement and consistent, dependable, and repeatable pressure, our SCS Drag allows you to fish with confidence knowing your tippet is protected. Proprietary high-grade US made carbon easily and repeatedly handles high pressure and quickly dissipates the kinetic energy of that running fish into thermal energy. Tailored configurations allow us to create specific drag systems for each model, size, and fishing application, and the entire system itself is sealed to keep out water, sand, grit, and salt.


Our drags discs are made with proprietary, high-grade US made carbon, the same material used in the brakes of jets and F1 race cars. We utilize carbon drag systems because we recognize it is the most efficient material for dissipating extreme heat without wear. Unlike alternative drag components such as cork or plastic, or even polymers like Delrin® and Rulon®, carbon does not compress, deteriorate, melt, or burn. It allows us to create compact drag systems that are high performance, stable, durable, and repeatable.


Numbered settings, detents, and audible clicks help you take the guesswork out of setting your preferred control level. Our SCS Drag is hand-calibrated for precision and consistency, allowing for repeatable settings and confidence in your adjustments. The easy switch between decreased tension for stripping and increased pressure for fighting fish makes for more time fishing and less time setting drag.