Simms Women’s Freestone Z

76.995 kr.

Toray QuadraLam öndunarfilma. Vatnsheldur TZip rennilás á hlið til aukinna þæginda.

  • Vandaðar og sterkar vöðlur.
  • Flísfóðraður handvermivasi.
  • Fótlaga sokkar úr sterku neoprenefni.
  • Góður brjóstvasi m/rennilás.
  • Belti fylgir.

Simms vöðlur – Konur


StærðMesta ummál - Brjóst, Mitti, MjaðmirKloflengd - Klof niður í gólfSkóstærð - EUR stærðir
S94 sm79 - 81 sm36 - 37
SS94 sm71 - 74 sm36 - 37
SF97 sm79 - 81 sm36 - 37
M99 sm79 - 81 sm37 - 38
MS99 sm71 - 74 sm37 - 38
MF102 sm79 - 81 sm37 - 38
MT102 sm84 - 86 sm37 - 38
L104 sm79 - 81 sm40 - 42
LS104 sm71 - 74 sm40 - 42
LF109 sm79 - 81 sm40 - 42
LT109 sm84 - 86 sm40 - 42
XL114 sm79 - 81 sm40 - 42
XXL119 sm79 - 81 sm40 - 42
  • Women’s Freestone® Z Waders – Stockingfoot are your trusted companion from first cast to lasting obsession. Rugged, breathable 4-layer Toray® QuadraLam fabric handles brushy approaches and cold, wet weather, while the updated patterning and fit deliver greater mobility. On-the-water comforts are enhanced by the innovative, patented TIZIP® side-zipper that enables quick relief and makes getting in and out of waders easier than ever. Take advantage of waist-anchored suspender straps for custom strap fit and high-waist conversion on warm days. Or when temperatures drop, find instant relief for cold fingers inside plush, reach-through, hand warmer chest pocket. Additional refuge for flies, tools, and loose gear comes in the form of a zippered top-stash pocket, keeping everything you need for a banner day on the water within close range.
      • Durable and breathable Toray® QuadraLam 3-layer upper and 4-layer lower
      • Innovative TIZIP waterproof side zipper for easy riverside on & off
      • Reach-through, fleece-lined hand warmer pocket, with zippered top stash pocket
      • Patented built-in gravel guards with boot hook, anatomically correct stockingfeet
      • Updated women’s features include dual fit suspender anchor points, scalloped top opening, & women’s-specific fit
      • 3 belt loops with a 1.5 in. elastic waist belt
    FABRIC TECH: 4L Toray® QuadraLam
    WEIGHT: 32 oz. (907.2 g)
    ITEM #: PG-12863


  • Toray® fabric technology was developed specifically for fishing waders. The QuadraLam™ fabric featured in the Freestone® wader is a heavy-duty engineered fabric with a micro-porous waterproof coating that utilizes 2-layer coated fabric, a single membrane layer and a tricot backer to offer improved durability.