Kinetic Torskepilken 100g – Pink Tiger

995 kr.

  • Þessi vara er væntanleg í nýja netverslun Veiðihornsins. Fáðu frekari upplýsingar hjá okkur í síma 568 8410.
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This pilker is one of the most iconic pilkers in Scandinavia. Some might even call this pilker boring and the colours old fashion. They are wrong! This pilker is made with passion and only a few pilkers can claim to caught as many cods and cool fish as this pilker. Take part of the history – try a Kinetic Torskepilken. You will not be disappointed.

  • Lead free zinc
  • 3D holographic eyes
  • Perma steel hook
  • Stainless steel split ring
  • Fast diving and gliding action