Sage Trout Spey HD

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Fislétt og snörp tvíhenda hönnuð til silungsveiða í stærri ám og vötnum.

Krafturinn í neðri hluta SAGE TROUT SPEY og næmnin í toppnum auðvelda veiðimanni að kasta jafnt litlum þurrflugum sem stórum straumflugum. TROUT SPEY vinnur vel með Scandi og Skagit línum.

SAGE TROUT SPEY er afar vönduð og falleg stöng í fjórum hlutum. Sterkur álhólkur með skrúfuðu loki fylgir.

110’9”124 g
210’9”126 g
310’3”120 g
311’0”126 g
411’3”131 g



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Featuring KonneticHD technology and a new fast action, the TROUT SPEY HD series of rods bring ease to lightweight spey techniques. Five rods from 10’3” to 11’3” excel with a variety of spey lines that are currently offered in 175-350gr sizes. The TROUT SPEY HD rods are primarily designed for spey casting as opposed to Switch rod style actions previously captured within Sage’s Trout Spey category, and features an action designed for skagit and scandi style casting techniques with trout appropriate sized flies. Undeniably Trout Focused, Undeniably Fun.

  • KonneticHD Technology
  • Conifer blank color
  • Dijon primary thread wraps with Tan trim wraps
  • Tangle-free Fuji ceramic stripper guides; Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Vera wood insert with down-locking reel seat
  • Super Plus full-wells cork handle with decorative composite accent rings
  • Cork composite fighting butt
  • Tan rod bag with Brown logo and model tag
  • Tactical Green aluminum rod tube with Sage Medallion


Swinging flies is simply more fun with two-hands, and the lineup of TROUT SPEY HD rods is a testament to that. Soft hackles with the 1109-4 are an absolute treat, and heavy sink tips and water-logged sculpin flies are no match for the 4116-4 on a short Skagit head. When down-and-across is the play, reach for the TROUT SPEY HD.



The down-and-across presentation is an incredibly effective way to target trout, and there’s no more efficient way to fish that technique than with a two-handed rod. Designed with a full-sized-spey rod feel and action, slimmed down to an appropriate size for your favorite trout water, the TROUT SPEY HD is ready to change your swing game whether you’re throwing small soft hackles or big streamers.


With the “Spey Craze” in full “swing”, the recent advancement in Spey lines has called for an upgrade in two-handed rod performance. The TROUT SPEY HD follows suit and is designed to handle all of today’s modern Skagit & Scandi heads, and appropriate sinking tips and leaders.


Throwing streamers all day with a single-hand rod can be particularly fatiguing on the shoulder. The TROUT SPEY HD eliminates this fatigue completely when paired with an appropriate Skagit head and two-handed cast. Streamer water that once tuckered you out is now one of your favorite playgrounds.



KonneticHD Technology is the next era in performance graphite rods. Optimizing our graphite-to-resin ratio, we have created a higher density (HD) fiber composite, resulting in lighter, stronger blanks which deliver unmatched recovery, energy transfer, and line/loop control. Building upon proprietary construction techniques developed for Konnetic Technology, KonneticHD gives us an elevated platform to achieve new levels in rod design.