Deerhunter Heat Long Johns

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Deerhunter Heat Long Johns

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If you’re sat in a high seat in the depths of winter or hunting for musk
ox in Greenland, the Deerhunter Heated Leggings with their 3 heat
settings are a perfect base for all day comfort in challenging climates.
The Integrated heat system includes a heat element on the front thigh
and features an on/off button with an easy to access pocket power bank,
which is included. These leggings are machine washable, soft to the
touch and against the skin for added comfort. Once having them you will
be choosing them for all your winter outdoor quests. These leggings are

  • Integrated heat-system
  • ON/OFF button
  • 3 heat levels
  • Heat elements on thighs
  • Machine-washable
  • Pocket for powerbank
  • Powerbank included

Four-way stretch
When choosing hunting apparel, and you need
maximum flexibility, freedom of movement and a good fit, you should
choose Deerhunter’s products with four-way stretch. Hunting apparel with
four-way stretch is elastic both lengthways and widthways, enabling you
to move around freely without feeling constricted by your clothing.

Quick Dry
Products treated with quick dry are breathable, and
dry faster than other garments. Body moisture is absorbed, and wicked
away from the skin so that it evaporates. Consequently, it’s easier for
you to maintain a stable body temperature and stay dry when hunting.