Deerhunter Rusky Silent Mittens

9.995 kr.

Hlýir og vatnsheldir belgvettlingar.  Styrking í lófa.  Hægt að opna fyrir alla fingur. 
Rusky Silent Gloves, þunnir fingravettlingar passa vel sem innri hanskar eins og sést á mynd.


  • Þessi vara er væntanleg í nýja netverslun Veiðihornsins. Fáðu frekari upplýsingar hjá okkur í síma 568 8410.

The Rusky Silent mitt is the perfect choice for bitterly cold days.
When you’re sitting in a hunting tower or hide, the mitt is perfect for
pulling over your gloves. They are extremely soft, and the thick lining
keeps the cold at bay. The mitts have an opening in the palm and at the
thumb, so they can quickly and silently be pulled down over your fingers
so you’re ready to shoot. And the smart magnet system ensures that the
flaps remain in place. The mitts have Deer-Tex® membrane to protect you
against the weather.
Combined with the Rusky Silent gloves, they are the perfect solution
for keeping your hands warm and silent when hunting in extremely cold

  • Reinforced palm for enhanced grip
  • Opening above forehand and thumb with magnet system
  • Adjustable with elastic and press studs at wrist